21 Days of Prayer for Revival - Day 11 to 16

During 2021, the QB Movement is focusing on the second of our six priorities: Faithfilled Prayer. We will be sharing the daily devotions for you. 

In God’s grace, through prayer, he offers us an important role in the spiritual battles on the front lines of God’s growing kingdom. We build faith by listening to God, standing on his promises and celebrating his powerful work. We intentionally foster individual and corporate prayer throughout our Movement. We believe that God wants us to ask him for even greater things than what we have seen so far. (John 14:12-14)

The goal we have adopted as a measure of how we are going with Faith-filled Prayer over the next five years is:

• Every church praying for revival every week. As part of our emphasis on Faith-filled Prayer during 2021, Queensland Baptists are encouraging all churches to participate in 21 Days of Prayer for Revival. Our preferred period would be Mon 31 May to Sun 20 Jun, but churches could organise the 21 Days at any time during the year. The resources QB is offering churches for the 21 Days of Prayer for Revival are:

• 3 sermon outlines on faith-filled prayer (or sermon videos if desired)

• 21 daily devotions on praying for personal, church and community revival (see below for an example of a devotion)

• 4 small group studies linked to the daily devotions

• Resources and ideas for families who would like to develop faith-filled prayer

• Regional prayer gatherings during the first week (1-5 June)

• A culminating State-wide Zoom prayer meeting on Sun 20 Jun Churches may choose to use whichever resources are helpful for them. But we would love every church to call their church family to commit to 21 Days of Prayer for Revival sometime during the year (preferably May 31 to Jun 20 if it suits the church program). 

21-Days-Daily-Devo-Day 11.pdf

21-Days-Daily-Devo-Day 12.pdf

21-Days-Daily-Devo-Day 13.pdf

21-Days-Daily-Devo-Day 14.pdf

21-Days-Daily-Devo-Day 15.pdf

21-Days-Daily-Devo-Day 16.pdf


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