Press the pause button

Sit with me awhile

This time of year gets crazy

Of that there’s no denial


End of year parties

Exams and celebrations 

Push up the anxiety

And escalates frustration


Then there’s the presents 

What to buy for whom

Where will Christmas be this year?

Who has the biggest room?


A month or two of extra pressure

Is that how it’s meant to be?

How can we stop rushing around 

And bring down our anxiety?


Why not pause for just a moment 

Why do you do what you do?

The world dictates our every move

But shouldn’t that be 

A choice for me and you?


Remember the real reason for Christmas 

The birth of Christ Jesus our King

That’s something worth celebrating 

The peace and joy he brings


So stop and pause for a moment 

Humble yourself before your King

Thank him for all he has given you

Rest under the shadows of his wings


Give presents to your loved ones

If that’s what you’d like to do

Celebrate end of year functions 

Creating memories too


There’s nothing wrong with all these things

Giving and celebrating is good 

Just don’t forget to pause

Once in a while

Because you know you should.


Rachel Rees

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