Obedient to Change

by Gelly McAuliffe-Bunker

Change. From our earliest experiences in life, change happens. It is there in the fact that no two days are exactly alike. It is there in the changing seasons of the year and in the changing seasons of life. We all face change. Yet, given the incredible ‘sameness’ of change, we often fight it!

Incredibly, within a 24-hour period, before we knew Covid, I was given the following verse from four different sources!

“’Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken nor my covenant of peace be removed,’ says the Lord, who has compassion on you.” Isa 54:10 NIV

I would now like to share it with you, as it has been a well-spring of comfort for me. Though the things in our life may be shaken, God’s unfailing love for you will not be shaken. These may be things you have taken comfort in, sheltered under, or seen as unshakeable. Instead, look to the comfort, shelter and unshakeability of the Lord’s unfailing love.

In many aspects, the familiar ways we have travelled and the things we had done were removed during our intense Covid seasons. Some aspects have still not returned. Yet, through it all, the Lord’s peace has not been removed. He is still our ever-present Lord (Heb 13:5). His peace is still upon us (John 14:27). 

There is one further gem in this verse. In addition to the Lord’s unfailing love and His covenant of peace, we are reassured that He has compassion on us. He understands the weakness in our flesh, that we are but dust (Gen 2:7). Yet, He calls us to be obedient in following His ways (Deut 6:5).

What does obedience look like? At the weekend, I was asked, rhetorically, why God would have created man as He did, and then requested circumcision. On reflection, I believe it is because God calls us to faithfully follow His ways. Again and again, God affirms us as individual, thinking beings. He offers us a choice, and an opportunity to choose His ways. In the Garden of Eden, Adam was called to obedience (Gen 2:16-17). As they wandered in the wilderness, the Israelites were called to obedience around the collection of manna (Exod 16:4, 20, 23-24). As we live with change, may we choose God’s ways over the world’s (Jas 4:4), and be unchanging in faithfulness and obedience. Yet, may we also be obedient to change, as God directs (Rom 12:2; 2 Cor 3:18).


Gelly Nic seeks to share God’s Word with others, that each may know and experience the incredible love and faithfulness of our God, who draws near to us as we draw near to Him (Jas 4:8). Her heart prayer is that those on the margins would find grace and true fellowship in God, and with His people.


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