Stop Scrolling. Start Believing!

by Suzie Botross

Have you ever scrolled through Instagram and found yourself lingering at someone’s post and secretly thinking, “Gee she’s doing well!” But you didn’t think that in a “I’m so happy for her” kind of way, but in more of a “when am I going to get my breakthrough?” sort of way. Suddenly up surfaces a sense of inferiority that plays like background music where the lyrics are something to the effect of, “You are not doing that great after all.” Then your mind takes you on a little journey; not a fun journey; more of a depressing one actually. A journey that tries to tell you that your influence is not as profound as hers and that your life is not as meaningful as hers. You catch your thoughts and quickly rebuke yourself. You try appeasing yourself with the truth that her posts are actually her curated version of life and that you are not the sum total of your achievements. Mmm.

Does any of that sound familiar?

We all have a desire to be used by God and be of influence in some capacity; whether that be with our families, our children, in our community, in our ministry or beyond. There’s something deeply satisfying about knowing that our lives are making a difference. But we seem to get swept up in our cultural assertions that shove balance sheets, followers and track records in our face to tell us that the more we have, the more influential we can be. Then we get more depressed.

I’m here to remind you that God’s economy doesn’t rest on these measurables. How do I know that? Well here’s one example. Remember that day that Jesus and his disciples were stalked by a crowd of 5,000 men with their wives and children who followed them across the Sea of Galilee? (Side note: we are told there may have been 20,000 people there that day). Remember how Andrew found that little boy who had a packed lunch of five loaves and two fish? Yep. It was all he had. It was all that was needed. The disciples, like you and I often do, questioned how on earth something so little could possibly hold any profound capacity. The idea was all things ludicrous.

Here’s my question to you. Is the thought that God can use you for great miracles and influence just as ludicrous? If it is, then you qualify. You are exactly what God needs. You are exactly the type of person He wishes to use.

If you have all you need in your hands right now then you can work it all out on your own. You don’t need Jesus. But if you feel like you are lacking, like you are trailing behind, like you don’t have much to offer, like you have no idea how your little could ever become influential and like you really need a miracle - then you still need Jesus. You qualify!

What have you got in your hands right now? Do you believe that God can take that and use it for his glory? Is it time to stop comparing yourself with her? Is it time to just focus on being faithful and loose handed with what you have and leave the rest to Jesus?

If the little boy in this miracle had compared himself with those who had plenty, he may have despised his lunch and dismissed it as the catalyst for a mega miracle.

Stop scrolling. Start believing.

A reflection on John 6:1-15


Suzie Botross has been married to Peter for 25 years. She is mum to 3 children aged, 18, 15 and 12.  Suzie is an Author of two books, She Will Run, and, Break Free from Motherly Guilt. Suzie has trained global organisations for 20 years on all things learning and development which allows her to blend in this expertise with her passion for raising Jesus-like disciples. She brings her audiences proven, practical, honest, application-based, say-it-as-it-is and transformative teaching. Suzie is also the Co-founder (alongside Peter) of a Discipleship Training organisation called, GenJ.  GenJ is all about raising a generation of Jesus-like disciples and disciple-makers, via online and in-person training programs, resources, coaching and television broadcast. Follow GenJ on Instagram.

W:     IG: @genJofficial


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