What If Life Was A Waterslide?

by Raeleen Whip


I know the song says “life is a highway” but don’t believe everything you hear right?? 

What if…life was actually a waterslide..and a pretty rough one at that… 

We live on a cattle property in outback Queensland… sometimes ya gotta improvise a bit and 

make your own fun…Amazing what you can do with a bit of poly belt, an old cubby frame, a water pump and clearing sale skateboard ramp.

As you scroll through the images, I wonder how you see yourself and where you are now or where God is taking you.


 Some of us may be like this bloke… in a bit of a comfort zone, and we are pretty comfortable there… are you planning on staying in that zone this year or are you ready to let God move you outta there???







 Is this more you??  “Um…well… I kinda think this might sorta be okay…ish… I can’t go back can i??? Can I????”







It’s all about positioning yourself well so you can face your journey with poise and precision… How can you position yourself well this year to face the challenges that come your way?







The test run… God may be asking you to do or be something new this year… is this you… ??? Do you start a bit sensibly, perhaps you want to test things out, play it a bit safe, to help you feel comfortable with new … Certainly nothing too wrong with that strategy…







But then… as you go, you see He is faithful, He is trustworthy. He leads us on the journey and so you build your trust in the Lord and it allows a freedom that helps you to go with more confidence, boldness and fearlessness …maybe, even headfirst… 







Are you one of the more laid back types with a trusting kind of faith? You are happy to take the challenge and see where this road is going. You are enjoying the experience of learning or trying something new.







Check that determination and focus. When God invited you into a challenge this year, did you simply undaunted, jump into the fray with immediate and full commitment?  Fully trusting and believing that if God has asked you to be or do something  different or new, then He is gonna be there all the way and make it happen! 







Wes and Jo are such good sports to allow me to use the following  images… they tell a wonderful story. Notice their hands in each progressive image… Whatever the path, the challenge, the change, the mission, the ministry, the calling God has for you this year, the one thing to remember and believe, is this… there is a loving, powerful God who is always in control…  Hebrews 13 > 5 in the Amplified God gives a promise… ”LET YOUR CHARACTER BE FREE FROM LOVE OF MONEY (INCLUDING GREED, AVARICE, LUST AND CRAVING FOR EARTHLY POSSESSIONS) AND BE SATISFIED WITH YOUR PRESENT (CIRCUMSTANCES AND WITH WHAT YOU HAVE); FOR HE (GOD) HIMSELF HAS SAID, I WILL NOT IN ANY WAY FAIL YOU, NOR GIVE YOU UP, NOR LEAVE YOU WITHOUT SUPPORT. (I WILL) NOT, (I WILL) NOT, (I WILL) NOT IN ANY DEGREE LEAVE YOU. Doesn’t get much clearer than that.  Promises like this are the ones we need to believe, memorise, lay hold of, meditate on, coz sometimes there are parts of the journey God takes us on that seem, well, a lot like this.







Sooner or later, there are times when circumstances around us, or the road under us, or our internal person appears and feels very much out of control…







When we are in a place we don’t think we want to be and we feel like our trust grip on the Lord is tenuous at best… even in those times… God is always in control and He, never, lets us go.







He has always got you, even if you are not aware of it.  Even if you have nothing to hold onto that you can see or feel, you can let yourself depend on Him entirely.  He’s is trustworthy, He is strong, He is willing, He is able, He is behind you and before you, He is with you, He will never leave or forsake you, He loves you







You can let your control go, because there is already someone doing that job very well, His name is Jesus… and you can trust Him to land you safely…every single time… for all time… He’s got this and He’s got you.


Raeleen is a country gal, living in Longreach. She does life with a husband who loves God and perseveres in all things, two soft-souled sons, a most gracious and lovely daughter in law, two hilarious grandchildren, a wonderful church family and community. She loves creativity in most forms, but has a special bent towards photography, pottery, writing short stories and blending photos, fonts and bible verses. What I find myself wanting to do, is to persuade people to shift out of dark places in mind or soul into the light of God's truth and the love of His people where there can be found one of my favourite God words... Freedom... God has invited me to be a part of the leadership and women's ministry team at my local Baptist Church in Longreach.


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