Wherever Your Heart is

“Where your treasure is, there your heart will be.”  Luke 12:34

In my previous Anew Conference QBW blog, I wrote about my very personal connection with the book of Ruth.  How it has shaped and guided my journey, enabling me to experience God’s deep love and faithfulness along the way.  Despite this, mistakes do have consequences. Yet like Naomi and Ruth, my ‘unfinished’ story reflects His mercy and grace unfolding in my life and is witness to His faithfulness and redeeming love.

A snapshot of Naomi and Ruth’s story in case you missed it…

Elimelech, his wife Naomi and their two sons left their homeland (Bethlehem in Judea) during a time of famine, not such a bad decision, they needed to survive, but there were consequences, Elimelech and the sons die (one was married to Ruth), and Naomi knows that going back home will not be easy (Ruth 1:20, 21).  Ruth, through no fault of her own was born of incestuous blood into a disreputable and separated people who worshipped pagan gods (Genesis 19) however, resolute, she envisioned much more for herself and Naomi, she decides to stay with Naomi, tough call (Deuteronomy 23:2, 3).  So, they return to Bethlehem, arriving in early April, the barley harvest about to begin, though empty handed and bitter of heart, Naomi is met with jubilation (Ruth 1:19), and Ruth finds purpose as she serves her mother-in-law (Ruth 2:2, 3).  Thus, begins a beautiful entwining of hearts, culminating in the provision of a kinsman redeemer and a union that produces a sovereign heir.  I love this story!

God’s plan of course was to use the upturned lives of these women for good (sound familiar).  He sees the faithful heart of a mother (Ruth1:6, 7) and the loving heart a daughter (Ruth1:16,17), and steps in to write their love redemption story. It ended well, but it began with a whole lot of ‘messy’, in human terms this story was unlikely to turn out in anyone’s favour.  The author records these words from Naomi. “My daughter shall I not seek security for you, that it may go well for you”? (Ruth 3:1).  Like Naomi and Ruth, we are not the sum of our past mistakes or the mistakes of generations past.  Though we may come before Him empty (messy, imperfect), we are promised blessing, and from the overflow of our heart we may bless others. God fulfilled His promise to us, he provided the way home to Him through the sacrifice of His son Jesus Christ, our kinsman redeemer. 

This side of eternity we have an opportunity to be part of the greatest love redemption story of all time and to bring others on the journey with us, to bring our hearts home to Him (our treasure).  May I paraphrase Ruth 3:1… ‘My daughter, mother, sister, friend, shall I not seek security for you, that it may go well for you”?  There is immeasurable joy in the journey, and the greatest promise is, our story does not have to end.  How sweet it will be to share our eternal home with our beloved and redeemed sisters in Christ.

Kellie and her family fellowship at Minden Baptist Church where Kellie coordinates Music Play at Minden (their community playgroup) and oversees creche ministry.  She and her husband Sean have 4 children aged 11 -22.  Her joy is to see women find freedom through knowing they are valued and loved by Jesus.


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