Wobble Days

By Elissa Macpherson

Today was a wobble day. My optimism was wobbling, my positivity was wobbling, my care factor was wobbling. A friend of mine recently shared on face book she was having a wobble day. I understood exactly what she meant and now I was claiming one for myself.

I woke up wobbly. I hadn’t slept well. Not even my first coffee helped. My husband’s phone pinged with an incoming email, another lost customer because of Co-vid. The news was on, another precious life lost to this insidious virus.

I got my King David on, “How long, O Lord? …How long must I wrestle with my thoughts and every day have sorrow in my heart? (Psalm 13:1,2). Sadly, I was more the sending-Uriah-out-to-die-David rather than the sling-and-rock David.

My husband leant over my shoulder to show me something on the phone and I complained his breathing was annoying. You get the picture. I wasn’t just in a poo mood; I was one with the poo.

My behaviour was appalling so I gave myself adult time out- a wobble day. I was suspending normal activities for one day to allow myself to get my wobbles out. I went a little crazy, I went to the supermarket for only EIGHT items AND I bought a take- away coffee. Then I went home and had a nap, take that life!

Wobble days aren’t fatal, they’re not like falling off a cliff. It’s more I’m walking along the path of life and I stumble over stones. I stumble over the difficulties; it knocks me around but doesn’t stop my faith journey. 

2 Corinthians 4:8,9 puts it this way: “We are pressed on every side by troubles, but we are not crushed. We are perplexed, but not driven to despair… We get knocked down, but we are not destroyed”.

When I get knocked down parts of me fall out: my faith, my joy, my naivety, my anger, my disappointments, my worry. It’s like dropping your handbag and everything spills out. Out rolls your phone, mints, tampons, lipstick, keys, receipts, lozenges covered in lint. It’s kind of exposing.

It’s the same when what is in us is shaken out, we get to examine what is inside of us. We can see what is embarrassingly eww, what is worth picking up, and what needs putting in the bin. I’m going to pick up my faith, my gratitude and put it back in my soul. I’m embarrassed by my lack of grace, and impatience; that needs cleaning up. I’m going to throw out my naivety, my worry and anger.

The rule with wobble days is you only get one day. After that, you pick yourself up and carry on. Tomorrow morning, I will have coffee, and take joy in its tantalizing smell. I will go for my daily walk and pray against this monster virus. I’m going to be ok... because we receive a kingdom that cannot be shaken (Hebrews 12:28).


Elissa Macpherson is President of the Baptist Women of the Pacific- BWP. She is also an author and speaker. www.lavishpursuits.com


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Visitor Comments

Coralee Lawrence on 21 Apr 2020
Needed this! Absorbed it! Lived this!
Grateful to you for honesty and helpful sharing!
Alison Hall on 21 Apr 2020
I can so relate. I trust you recovered. Thank you for sharing, it is so good to know that no matter what, there is a way out of those dark times. Blessings
Liberty Borela Cook( Lily) on 22 Apr 2020
Lovely message. It is a reality now but we will have perfection in heaven

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