By Raeleen Whip

We have a warrior bush close by the house at “Royston”. At particular times of the year, its little spindly limbs are festooned with myriads of butterfly chrysalis, as though a thousand tiny paper lanterns have all been lit in the late afternoon light. Caterpillars on a mission, busily inch their way over the highways and byways and the whole tree is alive with butterfly cloud... I remember when I first discovered them…what an invitation!!

  I anticipated spending a few happy hours in the coming days, trying to capture the delight of it all on film. What a joy to climb a ladder, right up into the heart of this pretty world. However, I was soon to learn it would also be a frustrating business and a good lesson in perseverance. Many days my quest was hampered by strong breezes making the branches wave with vigorous enthusiasm. Balancing high up on the ladder, camera at eye trying to follow a moving chrysalis is not an easy, or entirely safe task.  I also knew this wonderland would only be temporary and all the loveliness would soon vanish… time was of the essence here…


I got to ponderin”, back in the house later that day, why on earth didn’t all those papery little homes just all take flight, like dandelion seeds that scatter far and wide on the swirls of air. So much so, that I went straight back out, climbed the ladder and took… a much closer look… and that’s when I saw them... the little seatbelts… 

While I understand that God is in charge of the biggest picture. The creation and orchestration of the entire known universe and beyond, from eternity to eternity are in His brief. Therefore, I know He is the all wise, all powerful, all knowing creator God. But wait, there’s more… with Him there is always more. 

It’s when I contemplate the insignificant, papery chrysalis, safely in its little harness on my tree, I see another side of this fathomless, incredulous God. I see a God who takes perfect, well planned and infinite care of tenuous wee things that might seem negligible in the grand scheme of things. They are of great interest and importance to Him. 

He wants to be a part of each small life. It’s possible to be in a living relationship with this very God.  When this happens, I can release any tight hold I have on the branches of my life, whatever they may be.  I will find that my person is safely strapped into the secure belt of His eternal and unchangeable love, notice, care, protection and provision….and when the winds blow strong and I am sweeping and swaying in the tempest… I can think about the little chrysalis seatbelts and what they mean. It helps me to rest and I can be thankful… 

Raeleen is a country gal, living in Longreach. She does life with a husband who loves God and perseveres in all things, two soft-souled sons, a most gracious and lovely daughter in law, two hilarious grandchildren, a wonderful church family and community. She loves creativity in most forms, but has a special bent towards photography, pottery, writing short stories and blending photos, fonts and bible verses. What I find myself wanting to do, is to persuade people to shift out of dark places in mind or soul into the light of God's truth and the love of His people where there can be found one of my favourite God words... Freedom... God has invited me to be a part of the leadership and women's ministry team at my local Baptist Church in Longreach.


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