2020 Vision

By Gelly Nic

Glasses are something we have for particular purposes, times and seasons. For some, glasses are used occasionally for protection. Many of us need to wear glasses as we get older because we lose, or never experienced, 20/20 vision.

20/20 vision was the subject of many memes and “Dad jokes” as we anticipated this current year. We would suddenly see more clearly. Yet, as we live the reality of these strange times, in many ways we are experiencing new clarity, and new vision.

In practical ways, we have new vision in how we engage with our community (Acts 9:18). For some, that means that much of life is now conducted through a screen. For the isolated, this screen may be a flyscreen, as social distancing and self-isolation is practiced. We need to be on guard. 

For the tech-savvy, this screen may be a computer or other digital screen. Many are joining classes, social activities, church and prayer groups, and office meetings through Zoom. We have envisioned community in a new way for a new age.

For many others, the screen is a phone screen through which necessary contact is made with the outside world. We order groceries, we check on loved ones, we cancel engagements, and we send our voice waves where our feet cannot tread. 

Other people view the television screen as an essential way to receive the new guidelines, to understand the impact, to mourn the losses, and to hear stories of flourishing and overcoming. This screen is, in many cases, an essential link with the outside world.

Our various screens help us to cope, to assimilate, to engage, and to stay separately safe. Our screens also divide us. These screens protect us, but they also restrict us. These screens allow limited access.

As we approach Easter in 2020, may we experience new vision of the “screen,” the curtain, which fell in the Temple when Jesus died (Mark 15:38). Through this, He opened access to the Father like never before (Heb 10:20). We no longer had to practice “social-distancing” with our Father God who created us. We need no longer be isolated through the “infection” of sin, and we can finally know true community through God with the Holy Spirit, through the resurrected and glorified Christ (Rom 3:23; 6:23; 8:38). Jesus offers us the immunisation of grace. As we humbly accept our state of “infection,” and freely embrace His gift, we can know healing and true reconciliation with God (1 John 1:9). Come, and move past the “screen” which need no longer hold us back.

In this time and season, our screens enable our social engagement. But we must not forget the One who overcomes all barriers to be with us (Heb 13:5). Jesus is with us; we need not fear (Matt 14:27). As we turn from our screens to His Word, or use our screens to access His Word, may our vision be clarified, our strength renewed (Phil 4:13), and fresh hope restored (1 Pet 3:15). Jesus is our Overcomer and enables us to overcome (Rom 8:37).

Gelly Nic seeks to share God’s Word with others, that each may know and experience the incredible love and faithfulness of our God, who draws near to us as we draw near to Him (Jas 4:8). Her heart prayer is that those on the margins would find grace and true fellowship in God, and with His people.


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