Global Impact

As part of our new vision to be women with a heart to change the world for those living in poverty, we will be supporting The Vulnerable Children Fund through Baptist World Aid.

This year, along with other women at events across Australia, we will be saying NO to child brides and supporting work that helps end child marriage in Bangladesh.

Amira was married by the time she was 12. That's the same age as her second daughter, Shirin.

What if you were tortured because you were too slow at cooking and cleaning... and because you were too exhausted from childbirth and caring for a newborn to have sex with your husband? Zahra was when she was forced to marry at age 11.

What if you were just 10 or 11 and your family made you marry a man 25 years older than you because that was "tradition"? Beena, who had no say in the matter.

What if you find you're a mother when you're still a child yourself? Because your family married you off at 12 so there would be one less mouth to feed? Amira, who did not know how to care for her new baby.

In 2018, our giving will:

  • Highlight the dangers and help warn parents about the problems of child marriage and early motherhood
  • Encourage girls' education and help girls stay in school...instead of forcing them to marry young
  • Cut the risk with new livelihoods and help families start small businesses, so parents are less likely to marry off their daughters


Women of Queensland, we have an opportunity to transform the lives of children, families and whole communities in Bangladesh. Please come ready to be challenged and to give generously!